This weekend is a yoga weekend, which means I’ve been awake since 6am. It’s 9pm now, and I’m so happy to be in my bed. I’m a night owl, but I also crave comfort. I’ll probably be up for a few more hours, reading, but I’m more than happy to do that in my pyjamas, curled up in bed, with the lights turned off.  I’m not someone who takes her bra off as soon as she gets home, but I’m definitely someone who gets into my pyjamas as soon as I feel like it. In yoga, tamas is inertia, black, night. This is when I like to do my practice, before bed, when I’m calmest. It’s when I like to meditate, after my mind rests, in the dark. But today’s teachings have me worried that all I’m doing is fostering tamas. If I want more sattva–happiness–in my life, I need to see more mornings.