Most of the last year I spent listening to Hamilton. A good six months of nothing but since the cast recording was released last September. Then I bought an iPod for the summer hiking season (I was tired of my iPhone battery dying before I got home), and I started listening to everything on shuffle again. But over the last week, I’ve been listening to The Decemberists and thinking about concept albums again. I had this idea a few years ago that I don’t write books; I write concept albums. I don’t make music (as much as I tried to figure out the guitar), and I only sing for myself, but the way I write is more like tiny story songs than long novels. I like connected vignettes. I like prose poetry. I’ve written long poems, and everything I make is multi-media. Even now, listening to The Hazards of Love, I’m reminded of seeing the visual album made by four filmmakers–a collection of animated films interpreting the songs. I saw the band perform in front of the films at a theatre in LA. I like things that turn into other things. I like concepts made concrete.