I work part time and make just enough to support myself. The reason I’m not starving is because my grandma grows vegetables in her backyard. That’s where I do most of my shopping. (I’m going to miss that garden so much when they move.) It’s late September now, and definitely autumn, but that’s what I love about living in the Lower Mainland. The garden isn’t dead yet.

Today, I picked kale (two varieties), parsley (flat and curly), and the biggest leaves of Swiss chard you’ve ever seen. My grandpa is still picking green beans every other day, my grandma gave me all her green tomatoes to ripen, and I spotted a few more zucchini, which will be ready later this week. As good as the fresh stuff is, we’re definitely headed into the season of preserving. Tomorrow, I’ll be making sauce with the tomatoes that are ready and roasting kale until it’s crispy. I had a slice of pie after dinner today, but I still have a crisper full of apples from the tree.  Whether you have a whole backyard garden, like my grandma, or a few pots of herbs, like me, cook with pride and eat with joy.