In the week since I started my yoga teacher training, I’ve done my sadhana twice. Sadhana is daily practice, and 2/7 is not daily. Before I started tonight, I started the stopwatch on my phone. Less than 15 minutes to do the assigned breathing and warm-ups, along with verbal cues. 15 minutes, but habits are never about how long they take. They’re about starting.

I’ve quit a lot of habits in the last year. Some, like my weekly zine, were projects with natural endings. Others, like 750 words and Day One, have been rolled into another habit. I write in my notebook every day; I don’t need to record my mundane days multiple times over. I’ve been working to build a regular yoga and mediation practice. Honestly, this course is as much about the structure of commitment and accountability as it is about finding another revenue stream. A daily yoga practice isn’t just hypothetically good for my health. Now it’s an assignment, and one I can’t procrastinate.