When I decided to leave Tumblr late last year, I wasn’t sure I wanted to keep blogging. Mostly, I was on Twitter. I’ve been on Twitter almost ten years now. I tried out Instagram. But more and more I’ve been thinking that the answer isn’t a new platform. The answer is something I build and own myself. So I bought some shared hosting and made a simple HTML website. The spirit of the internet is plain text and hyperlinks.

But when I finished my weekly zine project, I didn’t have anything new planned, and I didn’t want to lose that routine I had built over the year. A blog seemed like the answer. If I made it small and simple, I could do it (almost) daily. I’ve made static blogs before, but it’s hard for people to share. It goes against the spirit of the internet that I loved at the beginning. So here I am on Wordpress again. I’ve been here before. It feels right to come back to basic.