I’ve been thinking about making salt since I moved down to the beach almost two years ago. But I live up a steep hill from the water, and the thought of lugging containers of sea water all that way was enough for me to put it off until now. Until I realised I didn’t need a whole bucket; I only needed a little jar. I filled a pint canning jar with water from the Pacific Ocean. I filtered it with a coffee filter and my pourover cone. I brought it to a quick boil to make sure everything was dead, then poured the water into a shallow dish to sit on my sunniest windowsill. It didn’t quite work. Not enough sun, not enough heat; I don’t know. So, the next time I roasted vegetables, I put the pan in my oven, and then I had salt. I had even more salt than I anticipated. From one pint jar, enough salt to fill the smallest canning jar–125mL. It’s flakier and darker than table salt–white, yes, but with a grey tinge. But it tastes clean. It feels crunchy. It smells like the ocean.