“Canada’s heroes are consumed by their country: Atanarjuat, the fast runner of Inuit legend, who ran naked through the snow; Tom Thomson, the country’s greatest painter, drowned on Canoe Lake in Algonquin Park, in the middle of the landscapes he was trying to capture; the North-West Mounted Police, whose horses collapsed from exhaustion in the Great March West; John Franklin, who froze to death in the Northwest Passage. The great Canadian icon of my childhood was Terry Fox, who ran the length of a marathon a day, trying to cross Canada on a prosthetic leg while dying of osteosarcoma, in order to raise money for cancer research. Gord Downie has entered the iconography of the Northern survivor. He has proved his endurance by crossing an impossible country while dying.” Stephen Marche, Watching Canada’s Biggest Rock Band Say A Dramatic Goodbye.

I need a whole book about this paragraph.