Words: 753

Words: 753
Minutes: 22

Hoping I can get my printer online tonight. It’s a big source of my procrastination right now. If I can’t print my zines, why bother making the whole thing? The plan is to go grocery shopping this weekend. There’s a case lot sale at Save On, and I want chickpeas and tomato paste and flour, at least. Maybe a few other things on sale. I texted Mom to see if she wants to go with me. Mostly, I want to use her truck to carry this stuff home. I could do more than one trip, but then I don’t get my points for spending a ton of money. Also, I’d rather only do one trip. Also peanut butter. Kind of hoping it’s on sale. I wish I could look at everything on sale. That would be a great app. I’m going to go walking somewhere, maybe Langley, maybe just Crescent Beach or White Rock Beach, this weekend. Somewhere long.

But other than that, I’m staying home. Staying in. Depends on the weather, too. I looked at the airline prices on Alaska, flying out of Bellingham, and I can make this work. I think I’ll wait a little longer for a little better price. Right now, I’m looking at $900, which is a little more than I’m hoping to spend. But I’ve figured out that I can get flights for about 8 hours, and that’s awesome. Flying out of Bellingham rather than YVR or Seattle. I’ll just get a ride down there, no problem. Especially now that I have my NEXUS card. So now’s the time to start saving. Which is why I want to stay home this weekend. Do a big shop of basics, kitchen staples, then see how long I can last. I might stay up and see the beginning of the Raonic match. I’m worried about this one.

He’s beaten Murray before, right? I wonder where’s the best place to find that out. I want to go put my pyjamas on. I’m waiting for my landlord┬áto get home to do my printer. I hope it’s not too late. I want to get that package sent out tomorrow. I’m going to get up early to run, then shower and wash my hair. I might make some hash browns tomorrow, with mushrooms. I have some new books to read. It’s not that I don’t want to read the other ones, but they’re not grabbing me the same way as previous. Besides, these are library books, so I should get them read sooner, rather than later. I want to start doing more for making art my business. One of the women in my group, she’s starting a small business class at Langara.

This is the kind of thing I’ve been looking at Kwantlen for. But if I can read some books for some more help, all the better. I’ve subconsciously taken in this lesson from Sean Wes: products, clients, teaching. I have the day job that’s paying my bills. I have a few products, but I’m working on more. I can make more, too. But not too many! A few products, a streamline of products. Think about Apple. They don’t make a ton of things. And all of their things work together. I want to make things that are focused on paper, writing, letters, stationery, books right now. Then I can move into fabric. Right now, it’s art, books, and stationery. I’m using my envelope stash to make some stationery sets. I want to get some new stuff up on etsy this weekend. That’s a goal. Get my zines up too.

Get them finished for real. Plus make a new one! Maybe about my sketchbook pages? A few excerpts and a few tips. What’s working for me? I’m letting myself off the hook for the January artist submission deadlines. It was a nice thought, but it’s too soon. The February 4th one might be too soon, too. I have to take a closer look at the guidelines. But I can focus on the March and beyond ones. If I can keep up on the open calls, I’ll know what plans I can make. The main reason to do that kind of freelance stuff is to get your name out to a new audience. I can’t build an audience by myself. I need other people. Once my zines are done, I want to start a mail art subscription. I’m not sure how to charge for it. Gum road? Etsy? Maybe just a freelance paypal link?