There was the plastic kiddie pools which lived on our front lawn when we lived in the suburbs. The Newton Wave Pool, the best field trip ever when I was 9. Aldergrove Lake was man-made, because the beach was too far, too salty, too scary when the unknown brushed past my ankles. Just across the Canada-US border, in Washington state, my grandparents owned a lot in a campground where my brothers and I spent every summer splashing each other in one of the three pools. Azure was the nice pool, but crowded; everyone’s favourite. Shamrock was old, in need of a renovation, but on the hottest days, it offered the most shade. When I moved away from Vancouver the year I turned 30, I picked Halifax, NS, because I couldn’t imagine not living that close to the water. I lived in an old house on the main street, two blocks up from the Atlantic. When I came home, I moved closer to the Pacific. A short walk down to White Rock Beach, and across the water, we can see America. I’m not afraid of the unknown brushing my ankles anymore. I walked into the ocean with my jeans rolled up.