A TERRIBLE HUSBAND is out today. Lemme tell you the origin story of this book.

I had never written anything longer than 10k three years ago. More accurately, I had never written anything longer than 8k. Nothing that you could even come close to calling a novel. Though I’ve called myself a writer nearly my whole life, I despaired of ever publishing a book. I didn’t think I had a book in me.

Then I wrote, like, 11k in a weekend. Out of the blue. Then I wrote what became COUNTRY MESSES. Then HOME TEAM happened, a story that, with its sequel, tops out at nearly 90k. Suddenly, I was a writer who could write books. Things I didn’t feel guilty about calling books.

A TERRIBLE HUSBAND was one of those little 15k novellas at first. I wrote it for an anthology. The editor thought it could be more, and it turns out she was right because this book today is more than 40k.

It’s the story of Miles and Jeremy, who have been together long enough that Miles thinks nothing of calling Jeremy his husband, even if they’re not technically married. Marriage wasn’t an option when they got together. It didn’t seem necessary, not after ten years together.

Until, of course, Miles realises it’s been ten years together, and Jeremy isn’t home when he wants him home, and life isn’t as exciting as it was when Miles was famous. I’m still not sure, months after writing this book, which one of them is the terrible husband.

Buy it today, and lemme know what you think.