noun The analysis of fingerprints for identification of individuals.

I haven’t watched CSI in years, but I believe it’s still on the air. It seems like one of those shows I would’ve heard about if it was finally done. Because it’s been on since 1999? 2000? It’s been on since I was in high school, and this year was my 15th reunion. This week, people were reblogging posts to celebrate The West Wing’s first airing, and that show has been gone forever.

It’s kind of amazing what can come along, burn brightly, and go away, but people still remember it. Then there are those ones that simmer underneath everything, and people forget. The last I remember, Ted Danson was the new Grissom. But like I said, I haven’t watched in years. There was a time when I watched CSI every week. I never cared for the spin-offs, but I loved those guys in Vegas.

When a show has been on as long as this one, it makes me sad for the actors who have stuck it out. Think about if The West Wing was still on now. Sure, Elisabeth Moss still would’ve been able to do Mad Men and Top of the Lake. But Dule Hill wouldn’t have done Psych. Alison Janney wouldn’t have done all the comedy she’s done since. I’m just not watching TV like I used to. I used to have a show that I watched at the same time every week. I don’t have anything right now, and nothing has even come close to tempting me.

There are two shows I have enjoyed over the last year: The Americans and Orphan Black. The latter I watched over a three day marathon. The former I watched by downloads every week because I didn’t want to risk being spoiled and wait for the end. But I could wait this season. I’m not looking at Twitter enough to spoil me for anything. (Though the other day I looked at Tumblr while watching the men’s time trial and spoiled myself for the win. That was annoying, because it was a good race up until that point.)