Harry and Niall are the youngest brothers in the family. They are a handful and worse when they’re together

Harry and Louis are boyfriends. It’s mutual. They’ve discussed it.

Harry and Liam are brothers-in-law. They get along fine, but they’re not always sure what to make of the other

Harry and Zayn are friends, but Zayn is older and cooler and dating one of the popular girls, so Harry is always nervous around him

Niall and Louis are the oldest and the youngest and Louis makes special time for him, checking in on him

Niall and Liam are the kids who are always trying new things and taking things apart to see how they work. They always have “a project”

Niall and Zayn are best friends, and it’s cool that Zayn is in a relationship and Niall is single. Niall and Zayn are Chandler and Joey

Louis and Liam are partners in crime, even though Liam is constantly declaring this one their last job

Louis and Zayn are perfect opposites. Louis finds peace in Zayn and Zayn finds his confidence in Louis

Liam and Zayn are that couple that never seems to fight. They’re just happy to be together, and that pisses Louis off in particular, for reasons he can never quite explain