1. Zines can be about anything (and everything).
  2. Zines are short (or long, if you have that kind of patience).
  3. Zines fit easily into regular size envelopes (no special supplies needed).
  4. Zines are the perfect combination of words and pictures.
  5. Zines are portable (they fit in a back pocket or bag).
  6. Zines invite collaboration (Not an artist? Go find one).
  7. Zines follow no rules (If you want to call it a zine, call it a zine).
  8. Zines look good digital and analogue (on paper and onscreen).
  9. Zines are colourful (Zinemakers, too!).
  10. Zines are personal and direct (Don’t be afraid, just make).
  11. Zines are easy to reread, so go celebrate Day 2 with a stack of your favourites!