In an effort to declutter and downsize, I read all my magazines so I could recycle them. Here are the best bits from back issues of Geist, Gastronomica, The Walrus:

“It is the human condition / Told through the quest for a new pair of jeans.”

Ink on Paper by Brad Cran

“On maps of the territories that would eventually become Canada, Spanish explorers sometimes write Acá Nada, or “There, nothing.”

Come Cold River by Karen Connelly

Instead of an excerpt, Geist published an excerpt of the index of Chris Hadfield’s book.

“If the canoe is a fundamental icon of our nationality, it is also (among other things) a fetish object, a misreading of Canadian history and a symbol of colonial oppression.”

“Magical Thinking” by Daniel Francis

“Every time we open a book, we trust, in spite of all our previous experience, that this time the essence of the text will be conveyed to us. And every time we reach the last page, in spite of such brave hopes, we are once again disappointed.”

“Reading the Commedia” by Alberto Manguel

Japan’s Tasty Secrets: PDF from Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries

“war is to man what maternity is to woman”


(Though it must be noted that the reign of Richard II, 1377 to 1400, predates the arrival of the apricot into England.)

“The Tradescants’ Culinary Treasures” by Amy L. Tigner

“As everybody knows, there is only one infallible recipe for the perfect omelette: your own.”

French Provincial Cooking by Elizabeth David

“not a single member of the group ever painted a Saskatchewan landscape”

“What Tom Thomson Saw” by Ross King

They picked her, a stray mongrel, from the streets of Moscow. A van in the night, with some bacon as bait. They thought she’d be a tough dog and could take the hazards of space flight better than a pure-bred.

“The Ongoing Glorious Evolution of the Dog” by Adam Rothstein