The May zine-a-month is here! The worst part of this challenge is the back-and-forth until I run out of time and decide on an idea because I know I can finish it in two days. But I finished this in two days, and that’s the best part of the zine-a-month challenge.

A little zine about my dream of A LITTLE SHOP. A short essay, with a list and reviews of some little shops I have enjoyed during my travels, bound up with a little drawing.

Apologies to anyone who has ever expressed interest in my childhood dream job of owning and running a little shop, because I’ve probably spent hours talking at you, detailing my plans, sharing my logos, and trying to wrangle you into the project. I figured it was time to put all those ideas into a zine.

Next time someone asks what I do for a living, I hope I can hand them a copy of this.

Three zines-a-month in a row, baby.