Stephen King writes a novella in between his novels. He talks about this in his collection, DIFFERENT SEASONS, about how he has enough writing energy leftover when he’s finished a novel to write something else, but not enough energy to write another novel. This is true. Finishing a project gives you a kind of boost I can’t explain. It’s a high, and you want to hang onto it as long as possible. Stephen Kings writes novellas as a bonus, but I write novellas as my main thing, so I write short stories in between.

This one, I figured it would take about a week. It’s been longer. My high ran out somewhere around 4k, and now it’s just the work of writing, and my brain is thinking, What’s next? What’s next? This, right here. This is next until it’s done. It’s only a few thousand words, and god knows what I’m going to do with it, but it’s a story that needs finishing. Finishing is everything. No matter how small your project, there’s a high waiting for you at the end, and it feels so good. Believe me.