1. What was the first live performance you saw?

My parents met through theatre, so I grew up backstage, but the first I remember as an audience member was probably a Charlotte Diamond concert or the Ice Capades.

  1. Is there a book that you reread? What is it?

I reread The Great Gatsby a lot, Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, and the David Sedaris collections. But not usually from front to back again, just skipping through for my favourite parts and beautiful sentences.

  1. What’s your favorite holiday?

Christmas! All of my favourite holidays are eating holidays, but Christmas has the added bonus of presents and spending the whole day in your pyjamas.

  1. What’s the first thing you remember being a superfan for? (Sports, music, tv, whatever.)

Because my friends were the girls who lived in our co-op, instead of the girls in my class, they were mostly older and got me into New Kids on the Block when I was 8. I had the records, the bed sheets, the earrings, the shoelaces, the dolls, and a themed 9th birthday party, complete with Dairy Queen ice cream cake with a gel icing drawing of the band on the top.

  1. Do you have siblings? People who are like siblings?

I have two younger brothers, and that was more than enough.

  1. What did you do in the summer when you were a kid?

I was in Girl Guides, so there was a week-long camp every summer my group and sometimes a bigger camp with patrols from all over the province/country/world. My grandparents had a camping spot in Washington state, where my brothers and I spent a lot of time without our parents. Other than that, it was packing our van, strapping the canoe on the roof and the bikes on the back, and driving all over BC with my family.

  1. Cake or pie?

Always pie over cake, but usually crumble.

  1. That movie or tv show you’ve tried to get into because all your friends love it but you just CAN’T

Parks and Rec and Brooklyn Nine-Nine are the two current shows I don’t care about all over my dash. Welcome to Night Vale doesn’t make sense to me. I’m really done with everything Marvel.

  1. Who was your first crush?

Fictional: Big Bird. IRL: a boy named Taylor. We once did that elementary school thing of “getting married”.