As much as I love the internet, and as much as I’m an early adopter, I never seem to use things the way other people do. I’m not a big reblogger. It’s not that I don’t post other people’s work because I do, all the time. And I love that red heart. I love that red heart x 689, so far. I don’t know; I just like to be the one to discover.

I don’t know what that’s about, but I know this is a project to be a better internet citizen. Even though I’m still not reblogging like other people. I’m headed back to the beginning (or kind of—I was on Tumblr before all these extras), and every day or so, I’ll reblog one of my red hearts from the past. Work my way back to today and beyond. It’s rereading blog archives so you don’t have to.

I’ve been thinking about Tumblr. I’ve been hanging on to this idea that it’s a blog, and that the content has to be my own. Mostly. But that’s not Tumblr. It’s a whole different paradigm. It’s been around, and I’ve been around, for so long, that I’ve actually had this crisis once before.

It’s 2014 now. I’ve been on Tumblr 7 years, and I love that red heart x 10,211. I’m so much more likely to favourite something than reblog it, to give it a red heart or a gold star instead of retweeting or reblogging or passing it on to the rest of the world.

I’d like to change that for one big reason: I want to share more of the things I love. Because I hope that will help me share more of myself. When I think about what I can do to make my own art worth sharing, I think about sharing more art. Period.

I don’t have a reason to announce this, other than feeling bad about suddenly turning spammy (another quaint idea about the internet), but maybe also to get all of us thinking about what we share and what we keep for ourselves, what we make a part of our identity and what we just want to point to and say, hey, isn’t that cool?

At some level, all art is just pointing.