Conversation Hearts anthology from Torquere Press: Nine new Valentine’s Day stories in this new anthology from Torquere. Including mine, “Same Sex”!

Andy likes sex. He likes sex with his boyfriend. Nat wants to try new things in bed, the kinds of things he sees in porn, and the kinds of things that make Andy nervous. If Andy is vanilla, and Nat is a little kinkier, what do they have to do to get along? With Valentine’s Day approaching, Andy plans dinner at home to figure out if they still like the same sex.

I had been thinking about a story where the weirdest kink one could admit was cuddling. Valentine’s Day seemed like the perfect time to write that conversation, no matter how awkward it might be. That’s what this anthology is about: talking and getting the awkward stuff out in the open. So the guys can get down to the good stuff. Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!