It’s finally oatmeal season up north. I’m eating it with brown sugar and green apples this week. I have Royal Galas waiting for when the green apples are gone.

Not enough people know how easy it is to make oatmeal. Don’t buy the instant packets. Buy a bag of quick oats and follow this recipe.

I use a scoop, but you can use a measuring cup. Get used to what quantities look like, but don’t feel constrained. I do one part oats, three parts water. That’s easily measured for one serving as 1/3 cup oats to 1 cup water. Add a pinch of salt. Microwave at full power for one minute. That’s oatmeal.

Here’s where we make it a meal. Cut up an apple into bite-size pieces. Add most of them to your bowl before it goes in the microwave. Add the rest when it comes out. I love the contrast of soft and crisp, the deep flavour of applesauce and the juiciness of biting into a fresh apple.

Sometimes I add brown sugar, but try it without first. An apple can surprise you with sugar.

On the weekend, with a little more time, get out a pan and melt a bit of butter. Add the same amount of brown sugar and your apple, diced. Now make your oatmeal like every weekday morning, but when it’s done, pour over this sticky sweet mess of apples. Maybe cinnamon, too. I like nutmeg.

Try it next weekend with a pear. Drink it with a big mug of tea. Enjoy the fall and the cold, cold mornings.