I like this idea of selling ephemera. I want to make simple cards and tags from found paper. I should find a tag-shaped punch. Simple wheat paste recipe. Using leftover pieces of paper. Buying old used books and using the pages. Ephemera even smaller. Ephemera as in lucky charms. Those origami stars. Knitted stars. The kinds of things that soldiers and travellers carry with them. Keychains. The Asian trend of dangly things on cellphones. Something a girl would wear around her neck on a chain. Something you would carry in your pocket, touching again and again throughout the day, just to remind yourself that it’s still there. Beads, charms, Christmas decorations, buttons, pins, corsages, boutonnieres, tie pins, hat pins, rings, bracelets, hair ties, cards and beads in the spokes of bike wheels. I have three totem pole buttons on my bag, an Eatery button on the lapel of my coat, a flower suspended in resin hanging from the zipper of my wallet, a Hello Kitty pin on my sweater. A coffee sleeves, a wrist cuff, a headband. Saints medallions. Lucky coins. Worry dolls. A lock of hair. A flower pressed between the pages of a book. A locket. A tin-type. Your first dollar, framed above the cash register. The lucky cat. Tanuki. Bookmarks. Monograms. Silhouettes. Calling cards. Guitar picks. Bobby pins. Not just paper ephemera. It’s so much more than that.