Canada doesn’t really love tennis, because we’ve never had a moment to truly love. Raonic is our best player ever, as difficult as it is to fall in love with him. Pospisil is rising to an uncertain place. On the women’s side 19-year-old Eugenie Bouchard of Montreal is nearing the top 50. A generation is both coming, departing – Nestor cannot be great forever – and here.

Bruce Arthur, Davis Cup 2013: Canada’s run ‘goes beyond words’

There’s professional sports, and then there’s national sports, sports played on the world stage with your country’s flag on your chest, and I will always choose the latter. I don’t love tennis (I barely understand tennis), but this Davis Cup team had me cheering for somewhere Canada has never been, which is always exciting, always hard, and more heartbreaking than not, even if you can pull out the once-in-a-lifetime win. Canada didn’t. This time. But now we’ve had a tennis moment to truly love.