He hasn’t changed much, even though it’s been years since Aaron saw him last. His suits look nicer–this one is a gray three-piece with a waistcoat and a pocket square to match the tie. Zach is wearing glasses now, when he used to favor contact lenses. Aaron always liked when his eyes got tired and Zach pulled out his glasses. His hair is dark and shiny, combed into high, swooping waves, and his eyes are the same clear blue that Aaron remembers so well. But there are lines on Zach’s face. Aaron wishes he could tell if they are happy or sad.

HOME TEAM by Jameson Dash

We’re nine days until you can buy and read the book, and I just realised I haven’t told you about the other guy. This is Aaron’s story, but you can’t tell a love story about one person. There’s also Zach.

When I started writing a romance about hockey, I wanted the player to fall in love with a reporter. It’s the sports version of Capulets and Montagues. I wanted Zach to know too much and exactly where to poke Aaron so it hurts. He knows the game and the league from the other side, off the ice.

That’s also why Zach broke up with him in the first place.

The story goes that Zach wouldn’t let Aaron give up his shot at the NHL just because he couldn’t bring his college boyfriend to training camp. After he made Aaron go be a hockey player, their lives diverged. Aaron went away and became famous. Zach stayed home and earned his byline. But the secret is that Zach loves hockey, too.

That’s why, when Aaron finds him wandering the hallway outside the locker room at the beginning of HOME TEAM, Zach is still a reporter, and he’s still writing about hockey.

But, of course, what you really want to know is if he’s still in love with Aaron.