so it’s been a few days. i think it’s probably been since i sprained my ankle that i haven’t written. even here, doing a ten minute free writing exercise. so i’m starting up again. i’m setting myself a goal of one blog post a day every day this week, and i wrote yesterday, and i have half a draft for today.

it’s about something i plan to do, but not actually something i’m doing yet. i need to get the manuscript edited and sent off. first, i need to write it, and i’m so not looking forward to it. this is why i’ve put it off. but if i want more work, i have to do this work first. i was thinking about writing about how to edit someone else’s work, but i might just leave it in drafts until i’ve actually started. until i have something to say.

today, i might talk about the weather. It’s raining today.

or i might write about watching british mystery shows. why is it something i love to watch, but have never thought about writing. i think it has to do with plot. it’s the kind of thing that requires a lot of structure, and i’m just not there yet.