I wrote COUNTRY MESSES in 11 days. As soon as I finished, I wrote the thing that became A GREAT ROUGH DIAMOND. It took a little longer, about two weeks. Before that month, I had barely written a story longer than ten thousand words. Now I have two novellas out there, published, being read and rated and reviewed. I struggled for a long time, looking for a place short stories belonged. I struggled because I thought I should be a novelist, but I couldn’t write a novel. But I could write stories. I just hadn’t found my ideal form. Not my only form. I still write short stories. I still have plans for another novel. But I love the novella. And it’s so fitting that my first published works should be such.

Thank you to everyone who’s read the books, shared them with friends, and written a review. I hope you’ve enjoyed my stories, and I hope you’ll stick around for more.