His Fairy Tale by Paula Cabral SEATTLE, WASHINGTON – November 7, 2014

The rain let up for a magical hour last night, long enough for the Pacific Coast Music Hall to roll out the red carpet for the opening night of His Prince, a new musical. Written by Louis Stricker, and directed by Nelson Fong, this queer re-telling of your favorite fairy tale tropes puts an earnest spin on life and love, but don’t worry: there is a happy ending (and a pot of gold) waiting at the end.

The stars, Michael Newman and Jackson Yu, arrived together, though they had to tell each reporter on the line that, no, they aren’t dating. “My boyfriend hates this kind of thing,” Yu said. “He’d rather stay at home.”

The prince and his prince wore matching boutonnieres, tiny pink carnations, on the lapels of their tuxes. Also spotted on the red carpet were pink rubber bracelets for all the chorus children, and the good queen wore a floor-length pale pink gown. Charlene Cavallo explained it was the theme of the night. “Lou told everyone to wear a little bit of pink.”

The writer himself wore a hot pink dinner jacket with white trousers and white leather shoes. He didn’t stop smiling all night, though whether it was the opening night or the new man on his arm, Stricker wouldn’t say. This is the first show in six years for Stricker, who saw his senior year thesis project move from the university stage to downtown Seattle theater row. After a few successes and one very public flop, Stricker is back with a new take on an old idea.

When asked if it was the man in his life who inspired the new musical, Stricker wouldn’t say. All Stricker would say was that the man’s name is Matthew, and he isn’t an actor. Quieter than Stricker, happy to hang back while the photographers flashed and the reporters called out their questions, the mysterious Matthew was dressed all in black–suit, shirt, and ti–except for a tiny pink heart pinned to his lapel. When Stricker reached back to grab his hand and pull him to the ropeline, they made a beautiful pair, in white and black and pink.

Everyone with a ticket to the show ducked inside only moments before the rain started up again, saving their beautiful clothes and fancy shoes. The fairy tale of the two princes was inside on the surreal stage, set to songs you will be singing for days afterwards. But it seemed last night that Louis Stricker is already living his fairy tale.

His Prince, words and music by Louis Stricker; book and direction by Nelson Fong; at Pacific Coast Music Hall, 303 Pacific Ave; Wed-Fri, 8PM, Sat-Sun, 2PM and 8PM.