I can’t believe it’s already been a month. Thank you to everyone who took a chance on my first novella, A GREAT ROUGH DIAMOND. Are you ready for another?

I was all ready yesterday to settle in today, tell some behind-the-scenes stories, and give away some books. Then I fell down the stairs and sprained my ankle. It’s been a while since I sprained this ankle this badly, and getting around on crutches is really cramping my style. I can’t even find a comfortable position to sit up and write. An injury like this is the kind of thing that throws your whole life out of whack.

Which is kind of what this book is about. When Matthew agrees to let his friends take him out of the city and to the beach for a weekend, he doesn’t know how much his life is going to change. It’s much less painful for Matthew than it was for me, and he even gets a hot guy out of the deal!

COUNTRY MESSES was inspired by the Christmas and summer weekends I spent at my great aunt and uncle’s beach house on Whidbey Island, outside Seattle. The beach is rocky and the water is cold, but waking up just steps away from both made up for all of that. We were there a lot when I was a kid, but less once I grew up. I always wondered what a summer fling at that beach house would be like. So I wrote one for Matthew and Lou, and for you, too.

Whether you read it tonight before bed or wait for the weekend (Is there sun where you are? Read it outside on the deck!), I hope you enjoy the book.