the canucks lost last night–swept in the series–but they put up a fight. it was a really great game, and they probably didn’t deserve to lose, but maybe this is rock bottom. maybe this is what they need to get over 2011. they need something. something that isn’t what happened after 1994. i cried last night. i cried a lot more than i expected, and i know it wasn’t just about hockey, it was about everything, but that game let it out.

i won’t promise to spare you hockey feelings in the coming days, but for now, just this. 19 years later, and we haven’t been able to put ourselves back together.

i hadn’t done any real writing yesterday, because i was feeling so crappy. i slept late, i watched hockey, i listened to podcasts. i was hoping i could do a couple of write or die sessions in bed, like i had the night before, but after that game, i didn’t want to do anything. i don’t want to do anything today. i don’t want to do anything anymore.

today i want to: rewrite tumblr and twitter bios, write a thousand words