so this is today:

i need to do my final read through of edits, which just arrived this morning. i suspect he held it back until the deadline was tomorrow, so i wouldn’t spend too much time on it. but, i love this story so much more than the first.

i need to write a big chunk of this short. ideally, i’d like to get the story to the halfway mark.

i want to watch a bletchley park documentary. that’ll be my reward for the former.

i need to take a walk because i didn’t yesterday, even though i said i would after dinner. my problem is, i don’t eat at normal times. once i’m done here, i’m going to eat breakfast–and i don’t suppose it’s crazy late–but it is after 9. at this time, most people are at work.

i really hope i can get one of those cruise ship jobs. it would be so perfect for me. it would be a great way to save money and pay down my debt. again. i’m going to worry about this july vacation until it happens.

i need to write a post. i think i might write about hockey.

nice to get something crossed off your list right away.