i’m so bad at schedules. i’m going to make a real effort to get better. it’s sunday, but i still feel bad because it’s almost 2pm, and i haven’t done anything except play video games and read and eat and watch hockey. even though that’s what you’re supposed to do on sunday.

these are my ideas. wake up and get up at the same time. i’m aiming for this time to be 8am. 10 minutes to read the internet. then shower, breakfast, and such. 10 minutes to write here. 10 minutes to write on the current project. then take a walk outside. i’m not putting time on this one; just go outside and walk around the block. then a sustained writing session of 10 minutes writing, 5 minutes break. once i have the day’s quota, 10 minutes of quiet to meditate. that’s a lot of the day right there. but it’s a good use of my day.

i’m trying to get better about not spending all day trying to write 250 words. yesterday, i didn’t write at all, but i got something big off of my chest. i don’t know why i’m trying to write this story without an outline. basically, i wrote enough story beats for the first thousand words and i need 8 thousand. but i don’t have a story. i never have a story. this is the thing I suck at the most, and you would think I would be better at it by now, but i’m not.

i need to–and maybe this is a good project for today–i need to hook up my external drive and put music back on my phone and sort through more of my halifax photos. sort through my photos, period. and when i get home, i want to burn them to a CD. i could actually, probably, burn most of my content to a CD. i’m paranoid about backups, but so bad about actually doing them. which i don’t feel bad about because it’s the way of the world.

i was thinking i would go on a walk now, but i think i’ll wait until after dinner, when it’s darker and cooler. it’s definitely spring now. almost summer. the very next thing i’m going to do after i’m done writing here is go to chrome and delete the cache.