i’ve decided, instead of getting myself back onto the 750words.com horse, i’ve just started my ten minute timer, and i’m writing here. it’s nearly one, and yes, i wrote a sentence in scrivener, but that’s it.

i need something to blog about today. it hasn’t become a chore yet, which is nice. i try to post something every day, but it doesn’t have to be about writing and it doesn’t have to be crazy long.

to reach my 8k goal, i only need about 500 words a day. i’d like to do double that, but 500 is a great default goal.

i wish i was reading something i could talk about. i haven’t even cracked the romance i borrowed from the library the other week. i’m def going to have to renew before i go back home. i can’t get through the hockey story. i just can’t read right now.

once i’m done writing here, i’m going to go back through my blog and see if i already talked about much ado. i’m going to tweet something right now. i find listening to podcasts so soothing, but i can’t write to them at all. i can’t read to them. i can barely read twitter or tumblr to them. i’m going to be doing that for most of today, to be honest. but i so needed this after that awful amazon review.

i don’t have something to blog about yet, so i’m doing another 10 minutes here. i was thinking about shakespeare, but i don’t know that i have anything new to say. at least not yet. and i don’t really like to talk about what i’m writing while i’m writing it. i’ll tell you the idea, but that’s about it.

I’ve been watching a lot of Seinfeld recently. It’s one of those shows that you can always find on TV. It’s also one of the best shows to watch for plot and structure.

Sometimes writing is hard, and sometimes you only make half of your monthly goal, and sometimes stories are rejected, and sometimes the reviews make you sad, and sometimes you don’t know what the next story’s going to be about, and sometimes all your titles suck, and sometimes your tea gets cold.

But my bad day is nothing when I hold it up to the rest of the world.

i really need to read david sedaris’s new book because it’s all about keeping his diary. i go through stages, but i would guess i’ve been writing pretty regularly since december 1999. which is almost 15 years now.