so, after a day of not writing, let’s just do this. i set an alarm for 10 minutes, i read the internet a little, and when the alarm went off, i immediately opened up this window to start writing. i don’t know what i’m going to write, but i’m going to write for 10 minutes, and i’ll have more than 300 words at the end of it, and hopefully, some of them will even be usable. i’m just so stuck with this story. i don’t know anything, really, yet i want to write an olympics story. so i have a few hundred words, but i think i need to start fresh. i’m going to do what i was thinking yesterday.

but the hockey story, man, i so got into the groove on that one. so, look at that. i still have more than 4 minutes of time left, and i’ve already hit 300.

so i’m doing a modified dash. usually, i write for 10 minutes and do something else for 5 minutes (usually that something else is reading the internet). blah blah blah. i don’t know what i’m writing, and i don’t know why i can’t. i’ve decided to start writing here every day, here or what i write on tumblr. i think i might start counting it towards my word count, too. especially the blog posts.