Blah blah blah, which is how I used to always start writing when I didn’t know what to write. I keep hoping that if I start, I’ll figure out what this story is supposed to be about. But it hasn’t happened yet. I need to just get ahead and write the sex. Then write the story around it. But to write the sex, I need to know the characters. And to know the characters, I need to know the story. It’s the worst kind of catch-22. I wish I could write fic and just change the names, but my morals won’t allow it. This is why fic is easy. I don’t need to spend so much time figuring stuff out. I can just write stories and people know. They don’t need to be told.


so, after a day of not writing, let’s just do this. i set an alarm for 10 minutes, i read the internet a little, and when the alarm went off, i immediately opened up this window to start writing. i don’t know what i’m going to write, but i’m going to write for 10 minutes, and i’ll have more than 300 words at the end of it, and hopefully, some of them will even be usable. so i have a few hundred words, but i think i need to start fresh.