Laying in bed this morning, before I was really awake, I had this thought. Just a collection of words which sound good together. Write light. Edit hard. I’m working on a short story today. I did a couple hundred words yesterday–not writing, but rambling. A little freewriting to figure out who these characters are and what’s going to happen.

This is the kind of writing I do in nvALT. (I prefer this fork over the original Notational Velocity for one reason: live word counts.) nvALT is where I collect ideas, titles, snippets, research, lists, and submission details. Before a project becomes a project, it goes in nvALT. The top word count for this story is 4k, so it probably won’t go into Scrivener. I don’t need that much organising and reorganising capability for something so short. I haven’t even written an outline yet. (I expect half that 4k will be actual porn.)

Instead, I’ll be writing mostly in Write or Die. If nvALT is where I “write light,” Write or Die is where I “write hard.” I write short and fast, staring straight ahead and keeping my fingers moving for ten minutes. By the time I reach the finish line, I usually have much more than my 300 word goal. I am a child of the videogame ’80s, so it’s not surprising how well this works for me. Write light. Write hard. Write the way it works for you. But write.