I gave myself until the end of April to do a deep revision. I finished it yesterday afternoon, then took the rest of the day off to make pizza. Of course, most of my days are days off like that, which is something I need to get so much better at. I was looking at my words spreadsheet this morning. I set a goal of 20k words a month, and I’m nowhere close to that. But there’s still time to make it up.

Once I sold it and picked up the editing job, I felt like I had a bit more breathing room. Yes, I’m still waiting to step into the actual stream of revenue, but I felt more set than I have in a while. I felt like I could let go of all the little bits and pieces I had on my writing todo list and just focus on the long pieces which are going to get me more money in the long run.

But the next story on my list is only 4k. I have a surprise 4 days because I finished this early, even though I’ve already started on the novel revisions (which are so much bigger than expected because I’ve finally decided to flip the story completely). I can write 4k in two days. It’s a sports story, too, so I’m already in that mindset.

There’s 250 words right there. Pulling back from the little stories was giving myself permission to be lazy. Yes, it’s amazing that I have 3 novellas sold this year. But I should be more ambitious. I should challenge myself. If I’m going to write 240k words this year, I need to get back on track right now.