I forgot to write yesterday. Here, I mean. I forgot to write a blog post. Elsewhere, I finished the first big revision of HOME TEAM and sent it off. But it’s hard to be a writer when you don’t have a dayjob. My job is to write. I write every day. (Yes, even weekends.) But when that’s the only thing on your schedule, it’s easy to let the day get away from you. This week, while I was working on that revision and not on something new, I set myself a simple challenge: blog every day. Oops. I was so worked up in writing the ending (simultaneously my favourite part and most frustrating part to write) and then so excited to be finished, I completely forgot to write about it here. So I’m writing about it today. Make a schedule. Stick to your schedule. Forgive yourself when things don’t work out. I didn’t write yesterday. But I’m writing today, and that’s what counts.