A writer should read more than they write. Too much time with your own words, and you end up writing in circles. But I go through phases. Every book I try to settle in with bores me. It’s not the book’s fault; it’s not the author’s fault. My brain just isn’t in that place right now.

Right now, my brain wants to write.

I’m working on my first revision of The Hockey Novella. (Hey! If you’ve got a title suggestion, lemme know.) I wrote it in January for a special call, which had a max word count of 18k. By the time I thought to double-check, I had already written past that limit. So I cut a thousand words off the end and sent it in.

While it wasn’t accepted for that special call, the editor liked it enough to send it on to general submissions. Now that Dreamspinner wants the story, I want to give them the whole story.