So, I’m starting fresh. I’m letting myself use this ten minutes and these 300 words to just ramble and figure out a brand new idea that i can write in 4 days and will also be at least 4 thousand words long. I’ll definitely write the moving story sometime soon, but it’s not working right now, and I need something for a deadline. I need it because the last two long novellas I wrote were rejected. That’s OK because I know one of them is out to the main submissions editor at the same publisher and I know the other one I can add a few scenes and send out for another holiday call later this year. But the first book is out there now, and I’m not going to lose this momentum. The next one is out in May. I’m teasing the cover this week. I have an article in Maura Magazine, and if I can wrap my head around the right idea, hopefully I can write something for The Magazine. But first, this. I haven’t rambled anything about an idea yet. OK.

Go back to Seattle. Or maybe Vancouver. Let’s set this one in Vancouver. A guy who makes video games. A guy who makes fancy coffee. Set in Gastown. On the cobbled streets. How do they meet? Do either of them have pets? Game Guy is a cyclist. Oh, right, they’re already together. I FORGOT THE WHOLE PREMISE OF THIS ANTH. They’re already together. In their mid-30s. Coffee Guy is going through a redecorating phase. Their apartment is in a constant state of renovation. Game Guy comes home and the tile in the kitchen has been pulled up. But Coffee Guy hasn’t even bought what’s going to replace it yet. They’re fighting about colour.