Once upon a time, there was a deeper meaning in each precious stone assigned to each month. Your birthstone was your symbol. And the diamond is the most powerful of them all.

But when I started thinking about writing something for the Torquere Birthstones line, and I saw the deadline for April coming up, I thought diamonds would be easy. Then I thought, “Diamonds are TOO easy.” So, I looked as far away from the stone as I could. I looked where I often look for inspiration when I write. I looked to music.

A silver record isn’t impossible. I bet Rootabaga!, Charlie’s band in A GREAT ROUGH DIAMOND, could sell 100k records on the college campus circuit. Maybe if they made a video, and it went viral, they could sell 500k and get that gold record for their studio wall. But one million for platinum?

If that sounds like a dream, can you even imagine how much Charlie would love to have a record go diamond? Ten million people who went out and bought his music and might be listening to it right now? That was Charlie’s dream. Now his dream is Wes.

A GREAT ROUGH DIAMOND is a contemporary romance about what happens after the happily ever after. It’s hard to stay in love when there are cats to feed and snow to shovel and people always in your house. This diamond is about Wes’s dream, and one crazy house party, and how he fights with and for and because of Charlie. It’s about making music and making love.