Writing isn’t coming easy this month. I don’t think I like the story I’m writing. Nearly 10k in, and it feels like I haven’t got to the good part yet. But I also think I’m distracted. Earlier this month, I received word on my two upcoming novellas. The first comes out in April; the second in May. Which means March is all about edits and covers and the minutiae of making a book. So many forms to fill out. Thank God all the best calls I found with March deadlines are short stories.

It struck me this morning, rewriting my bio again, after April, I will never again be an unpublished author. I’m not writing to write anymore. Now, I’m writing for money, for readers, for the next level. I’m on the edge of something big, but I’m also hating every sentence I write in Scrivener, so no worries about my ego getting out of control.