I finished The Hockey Novella (I’m calling it HOME TEAM, but I’m not crazy about it) last night. Very very late last night. Today, I’m taking the whole day off from writing. Except for this entry. And 750words.com. And probably writing notes for The Next Thing. Because that’s what writers are like.

I have a little stack of books from the library I need to take back next week. One of them is a Harlequin about a hockey player. I found two sports-themed romances, actually, but was too busy writing my own to read them. Also, I thought it was about football. I misread NHL as NFL and didn’t notice the rink on the cover. When I’m in my writing head, my reading and comprehension head suffers greatly. But my writing head did well last month.

My goal for the year is 240k words, because that’s 20k a month. I wasn’t sure, right up to the last day, if January was going to make it, but The Hockey Novella is 18k words (and I wrote a short story earlier to make up the difference). That’s what the call asked for. Well, nothing more than 18k. This thing could be more than 18k. It’s a shock and a surprise to us both. Sometime in the last year, I accidentally became a novelist.