I don’t believe that the Tumblr platform is wrong for writing. There’s nothing wrong with the regular stream of photo, quote, quote, photo, gifset, video, gifset of video. I’ve been posting here almost six years, and I don’t want to go anywhere else. My Tumblr is my scrapbook. It’s helped me write a lot of essays, a whole novel, and there are hundreds more ideas in my archive. But I do believe that text posts get lost in the regular stream of a regular Tumblr blog.

A few weeks ago, I deleted half the blogs from my Tumblr dashboard. I unfollowed a lot of people on Twitter, too. I’ve stopped reading RSS, and that is only a little bit because Google has killed Reader.

You may have noticed how I’ve struggled to find a job since returning to BC after my year in Nova Scotia. In Halifax, I had a great (if low-paying) job as a teacher’s assistant in a daycare centre. I’m not allowed to do the same thing here without going back to school for another degree. Though I enjoyed that job (loved those kids), going back to school is the last thing I want to do. I want to write.

Since I’ve been back, I’ve finished my first novel, written two 15+k novellas, submitted both to a publisher, and started my second novel, which is, as of today, 34k words. Maybe I finally wrote my million words. Maybe I finally worked my ten thousand hours. But something clicked, and now I’m writing books. I’d like to keep writing books. Next year, I’d like to write a lot more.

Last week, Frank Chimero posted an essay, Digital Jubilee, taking an old idea and applying it, as we always do, to the internet. To start fresh in the new year sounds so appealing. It’s why we make resolutions at the end of every December. But it’s not easy, which is why we break them at the beginning of every February.

There’s a lot of good stuff out there. I’d really like to see it, hear it, watch it, read it. But maybe later. I need to make something good for me first, and that’s getting harder to do with the internet right there. I love the internet. I love you. But I can’t be here and also make stuff.

I’m not writing this to declare I’m leaving the internet. I’m not. Just stepping back. I’m writing to let you know what’s going on in my head and in my life. Today, I wrote about how much I love WHITE CHRISTMAS. Next year, I’m going to read more fiction, more romance novels, to be specific, because I’ve never given them a fair go.

I’m writing this to declare I’m going to write more. A lot more. And read more. But this is still Tumblr, so the gifsets of Andrew Garfield being awkward on the internet aren’t going anywhere. It’s all part of how I tell the story.