You’ll get to know this, but I don’t talk about my books while I’m writing them. Maybe I’ll tell you the names (Aaron and Zach), and I’ll drop a hint of what it’s about (still untitled, so I’m calling it The Hockey Novella), but I won’t tell you the story here because I’m busy telling the story there. Even when I’m not busy.

This week hasn’t gone so well. The goal is 10k by Sunday, but today is Thursday, and my Scrivener word count is sitting at a sad 4323. It has a nice symmetry to it, but I need a lot more words in not many days. Things were going so well. I have written, in the past six months, a novel where a boy and a girl fall in love, but aren’t together until after the book is over, a novella where two boys have a one night stand that could be something more, a novella where a couple work out the next level of their relationship, half a novel where a boy has to apologise and get his boyfriend back (and actually call him his boyfriend this time), and now a novella where exes consider getting back together.

There is no formula to the writing or the plot. If I had a formula, maybe writing wouldn’t be so hard. I’m having a bad writing week. Right now, I’m clicking randomly through the internet. Then I read a post that started, “Ideas are precious,” and I wanted to punch someone in the nose. So, back to writing then.