We haven’t had a typical winter in Vancouver this year. We never have a typical winter. Some years, it snows in November. Most years, it doesn’t snow at all until January. This year, it’s rain. The sky has been a blank grey canvas all December, now January, covering everything, without a glimpse of blue sky or yellow sun. We saw the sun briefly last week. It was glorious. Everyone in the city came outside because no one knew how long it would last and when it would come again. My favourite kind of day in Vancouver is bitter cold, so I have to wear boots and scarves and mitts and hats and my favourite vintage navy peacoat. But when the sky is clear and the sun is shining. A typical Vancouver day looks like people in sunglasses and down vests. Instead, we’ve been getting a lot of that rain we’re famous for. I love it. I love the rain. But not when it’s cold. I love summer rain and winter snow, so until the weather cooperates, I’ll stay inside, make some tea, and write my next book. It’s not about rain, but it is about hockey.