We’re easing out of the holidays in my house. There’s definitely a part of me which just wants to read a book. Especially on a grey rainy day like today. I just want to sit on the couch and read until I’m done. This Christmas, it was Kobo Minis from my parents to all of us kids. Even though I read a lot on my iPhone, this is my first e-reader, and I’m loving it. Isn’t this what we dream about? Having every book we want in our hands? Because that’s the way I read.

I read a little bit here and there, trying everything that sounds interesting until it grabs me. It’s funny how Pride and Prejudice has grabbed me this time around. It didn’t take when I tried to read it as a teenager, for school, so many times before. I read enough of it to write a paper in university, but I definitely didn’t read it with the same verve. I’m reading it now with an eye to writing it. Which is why I’m calling, 2013 the Year of Romance.

My New Year’s resolution every year is to read more books. This year, I’m reading romance novels: classic, contemporary, gay, straight, and cozy.

I’m not setting myself a huge goal like a book a week, because I’m not a fast reader and I’m not a fast writer. I don’t want to lose my momentum for either. I don’t want to sacrifice writing for reading. Writing is far more important. And it’s not like I don’t read. But I don’t read a lot of books, and I certainly don’t read enough fiction. Not for someone who calls themselves a fiction writer. Mostly, my reading is about research. This year, it’s about romance.