Verbotene Liebe - Chrolli Entry Emmy

I don’t really know what this is, but it sounds like a press package or maybe, since the title mentions “Emmy”, the introduction to a screener. It’s a few years out of date (Christian and Olli have lost their daughter, broken up, divorced, reunited, and remarried since this was put together), but it still serves as a nice intro to a storyline almost 5 years old now.

I didn’t grow up watching soap operas, so they’re rather frustrating for me to watch. I don’t know the structures and the tropes, and I often feel overwhelmed trying to keep up with a daily show. Which is why I love the people on YouTube doing the hard work of editing and translating these shows so I can follow just one storyline. It’s why I loved even more when the show itself recognised their audience and created a vlog for two of their most popular characters. I don’t know how much was scripted and how much was improvised, but the actors, Jo and Thore, seemed miles more comfortable playing in front of a webcam, instead of following their often thin script on the actual show. Olli was freer with his kisses, Christian let Olli talk while he was always eating, and they laughed more. It just felt so much more fun, more them.

I don’t watch the show as regularly as I used to. Once they got Christian and Olli back together, the two of them settled back into their roles as the happy couple, ready to lend a friendly ear to everyone else’s troubles. (To be fair, Olli does work as a bartender.) But I check in, like they’re my friends, and I want to hear what’s going on. That’s how you’re supposed to watch a soap, right?