I don’t like to talk about my writing. I don’t mind sharing my ideas and the images I keep in my head while I’m working, but the actual writing part? Can’t do it. As soon as I start to tell anyone the story, I lose the story. I love black cats, but this is where I get superstitious.

But as I write more, and as I start writing faster than I ever have before, a weekly update seems in order, if only to keep some things straight around here.

I cast all of my stories in my head, even if it’s only 10k words. That’s what my brain likes, and I don’t begrudge it techniques that have worked for me. It’s also a reminder to myself that adjectives aren’t terrible, that a little description is OK. But don’t let it get out of hand. Just enough to sketch out a picture, then let the reader fill in the rest. I might see Matthew from Country Messes as Sinqua Walls, but that’s only because I fell in love with Teen Wolf this summer. You pick your own Matthew. That’s OK.

When I’m writing, I also do a lot of research, mostly quick look-ups on Wikipedia, but I also read adjacent books at the same time. I just finished John Jeremiah Sullivan’s Pulphead, which is his collection of non-fiction essays, and though I didn’t read it because of the novella, it did help inform Wes and his non-fiction podcast in Diamond.

My big news for today isn’t about a new work-in-progress, though I always have one of those, it’s about my first submission. A few minutes ago, I sent off an email with the final draft of Country Messes to Torquere Press, and a few moments ago, I received the auto-reply. Now we wait.

Now we write.