It was as if he sought an ideal, only to find himself holding back at the last minute, undercutting himself. If he made the final leap of commitment–to a lover, to a cause–he’d lose his independence, and with it his sense of self.

Ross Wetzsteon, on Max Eastman, Republic of Dreams (88)

You get so many people who talk about what they are going to do. I think they get the same kind of emotional, almost chemical, satisfaction out of when they say, “I’m gonna write this thing, and it’s gonna be like this, and this is gonna happen, then that’s gonna happen.” They talk you through it, and they’re getting the same satisfaction from your reaction as if they actually did the thing. And that drives me up the wall. Then they never do it, because they’ve satisfied themselves by talking about doing it. I’ve known a bunch of people like that in life who start a thing, and they’ll talk all day long about the thing they’re gonna do, and how great it’s gonna be. But they’re not doing the thing.

Tom Scharpling – host of The Best Show on WFMU (via adambarrett)

My heart, my feels

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This is true of writing fiction. I don’t talk about my stories while I’m writing them. I’ll give you the elevator pitch if you ask, but as soon as I sit down and tell you the story, from beginning to end, I’ve told myself the story, too, and my brain doesn’t want to write it down anymore.

Shut up and write is my advice.

This video is dedicated to all the “fans” who left them for some other new thing, to all the people who said they were over and that they were a part of the past. After a 3 years break they sold out 2 shows and had to make a third one for overwhelming demand. Ladies and gentlemen, maybe for you the Jonas Brothers are back, but for me, they NEVER LEFT.

I’ve gone all the way back around on YouTube comments, and now I find them delightful again.

(Yes, I am subscribed to the Jonas Brothers channel shut up.)