Anyone who says “bespoke” - as Americans sometimes do when referring to a custom-made suit or a bicycle - is just “showing off”.

Cordelia Hebblethwaite

I never did Spanish in school, but I did linguistics, and I remember hearing about a national body that maintains the Spanish language. Keeps it regulated, and I thought that sounded like the worst thing ever. People complain about English, but what other language allows you the same freedoms. I love nouning verbs and verbing nouns. I just saw a post recently from a linguistics student writing a paper about the new language of Tumblr: the “I can’t” and “I can’t even”. But maybe it’s because I’m Canadian. We sit at the awkward crossroads of British and American English. I’m constantly looking up spellings on Wikipedia to remind myself if I should use a C or an S, an A or an E. I tend towards the British, yes. I spell most Z words with Ss, and I always add the U. But the answer is pick something and stick with it. Because in Canada, Britishisms and Americanisms are both correct. You know why English has so many more words than other languages? Because we use them all.