cutting it close a little this morning. maybe not as close as yesterday, but i am just not a morning person. no matter how i try. i can be a morning person if i have to get up and go to work. i don’t like it, but i can do it. i was working 8:30 to 5:30 for a whole year. but mostly, if i wake up early, it just means i get more time to sleep in. 10 is a good time for me. but i only have to do this for ten days, then i get the badge. because once you get the badge, you never lose the badge.

it’s working out ok for me at the moment. the vuelta is on in the mornings. not as early as the tour, because it’s not live, but early enough that i have to think about getting up. such a good stage yesterday, but i wish they had shown more of it. it doesn’t really help fans of the race if you start your coverage after the guy who couldn’t make a move for two weeks finally makes his move. good to see contador hang on to it, but i want to know how he got in the breakaway.

it was enough, though, to make me finally write a vuelta post. it’s harder to talk about the vuelta this year because i don’t care or really know about anyone in the race. i don’t have an investment. i like valverde. i’ve liked valverde in the past, but i don’t keep up with him in the same way. he needs more guys on his team. i love the radioshack team because there are so many of my favourite guys together. that makes for interesting stuff. that’s what made columbia so good in the day.

that’s also why i don’t want cavendish to leave sky. i understand his frustration, and i do believe that he could have won the green jersey with a little support from his team. not even a lot of support, but a little support. but he can’t leave bernie. i’m sorry, i’ve gone through one racing divorce already. i don’t need to see cav and bernie break up, too. i’m already sad about how many names are coming out of this huge doping confession sharing time. it’s hard to believe that george didn’t dope, when he was lance’s right hand man.

but now, in the last few years, i don’t believe it. i don’t think that cadel evans and bmc are a doping team. they don’t seem like it.

750 words is having website problems. bad gateway. i hope it doesn’t mean i can’t finish writing before 9. that’s they’re fault, not mine. if you can’t handle the traffic, you need to do something about it. i can’t even get back to the website now. this is ridiculous. i’m going to keep typing here, and i’ll wait until 9 to see if i can cut and paste it, and if i can get my before 9 o’clock time. but i’m not going to worry too much. i can still make 750 words before midnight. and i can always start my streak over again. i need to write at 9 for a lot more weeks before i manage to make this a habit. they say 21 days. if you do something, anything, for 21 days, consistently, you form a habit. that’s not to say that you can write any random 21 days out of the year and call it a habit. 21 in a row. 3 weeks, which is interesting, because you’d think you’d want a month.

i don’t know where the myth comes from, but it’s a nice guideline. it’s something concrete to work towards, which is what i always need. i always need to have something that i can point to, put on a list, see in my head before i know what i need to do to get there. that’s why the xs in boxes work. that’s why the badges work. i know what happens after i write before 9 for 10 days: i get a cute little badge. isn’t it a bird? i don’t remember. but i want it.

there we go. the website is back.